Digimon Adventure's Satanic Panic Creates the Reboot's Strangest Meme

Digimon Adventure 2020 both distracts and puzzles fans with a new Gabumon and Matt-focussed scene that draws out the establishment's strict subject.

Its a well known fact that Digimon takes a ton of impact from Judeo-Christian images and symbolism. Blessed Digimon like Angemon and Angewomon have been there from the beginning, as has the wickedly vampiric Devimon, and the rundown continues forever. However, the Digimon Adventure reboot makes things a stride further in its latest scene, "The Blazing Blue Friendship."

In Digimon Adventure 2020's mission to rejoin the DigiDestined (once more), Episode 38 is a Matt and Joe-driven one. Joe at last escapes the bizarre hot tub circumstance he's been in since a couple of scenes back and, on his journey to recuperate his garments, runs into Matt, who's in major trouble himself.

Matt and Garurumon got isolated during a new fight and now, mysteriously, his Digimon has been hijacked by the Mephistomon, a Ultimate-level "fallen heavenly messenger" who has been ceremonially forfeiting animals like Garurumon to one of Milleniumon's dim precious stones with expectations of freeing the new archvillain. (Indeed, believe it or not, Digimon Adventure 2020 has given us the Mephisto uncover WandaVision declines to.)

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