Dorohedoro's Devils Prove With Great Power Comes Great... Weariness?

For all their huge force, Dorohedoro's fiends are essentially exhausted, forlorn weirdos, and really the most un-compromising species in their universe.

Religion can be perhaps the most convoluted parts of imagination worldbuilding. Q Hayashida's splendidly peculiar seinen activity ghastliness manga Dorohedoro approaches religion by making its reality's "divine beings" all demons.

These villains are unnervingly planned, yet they're really the most un-compromising species in a world crammed with insane people and crawls. For all their enormous force, Dorohedoro's villains are basically exhausted, desolate weirdos.

In Dorohedoro, villains are venerated by magicians. These alchemists are not your average Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings-style wizards. They're wrongdoing families, drug cartels and road troublemakers who all produce dark smoke with exceptional impacts.

Every alchemist wears their own exceptional cover that they feel bare without wearing. These covers interface them with the fallen angels.

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