Food Wars: The 5 Biggest Plot Twists of the Regiment de Cuisine (and Why They Matter)

After the Regiment de Cuisine fight circular segment, the narrative of Food Wars! could never go back again.

The third and fourth periods of the preparing shonen arrangement Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma were loaded up with significant unexpected developments, and not only for hero Soma Yukihira. Azami Nakiri had gotten back to Totsuki, and he planned to utilize his little girl Erina as a weapon to assume responsibility for the whole school and its cooking scene. In this manner, Central was conceived.

Soma and his companions opposed energetically, however it was a difficult task, and Azami began ousting one defiant understudy after another.

Eventually, however, he consented to a gigantic cooking fight, in which his eight best Central understudies would confront the eight best renegade understudies (counting Erina), and the triumphant side would get everything they might want. This fight was the Regiment de Cuisine, and the tale of Food Wars! could never go back again.

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